Tailor Made ( Special ) Web Scraping Needs !

What is Web Scraping ?

Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction) is data scraping used for extracting data from websites. Web scraping software may access the World Wide Web directly using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser. While web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler. It is a form of copying, in which specific data is gathered and copied from the web, typically into a central local database or spreadsheet, for later retrieval or analysis.

Open Source Data From Internet Could be Important For You !


In some cases companies need some data from internet but the main problem is searching ,extracting,reporting and archiving this data. Also you could need to update your data regularly in that case this operations is not a human job. You need to build your engine or you need to get service for this operations.


  • EPA Engineering Team is Ready for your  Tailor Made  Web Scraping Needs !

  • Let us discuss your needs !

  • We could build your own data engine !

Price Data – Data Is The New Oil or Not ?!

Fresh Price Data 


Updated price data is very valuable. You could be a  retailler, manufacturer or e-commerce store with fresh price data you could ;

  • analyze where you are in the market
  • analyze how you are competitive in the market
  • by changing your prices you could increase your margins and/or turnovers
  • you could increase your sales

this list could be long… but the question is diffrent.

“Is Data The New Oil” 



Michael Palmer wrotes an article about this;

Data is just like crude. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc., to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data be broken down, analyzed for it to have value.”

How We Help ?

EPA users get fresh price data dailly but this is not the only thing that we are doing. Also we are archving every price data for our customers. When they need their data it’s ready . On the long term you could get too many usefull infromations from your crude. Yes we are collecting and archiving your special crude.

Do You Need to Refine ?

Our core engineering team has experince on data processing. We have +100 academic citation on this field. We could refine your crude. Let us discuss your needs. If you have a special continues needs we are also ready to listen and implement what you need.




Perfect Price ! Saraylım Agriculture using EPA

Perfect Price For Each Loading… 

Saraylim Agriculture is an agriculture company they are active in fruit business. They are growing but their market is highly sensitive to quality and price . We made an interview with the Board Member of  Saraylım ( Oğuz Ilıca ) . They are sure about their quality and they are using the latest technologies in their facilty and we learn that they have to make the perfect price for each loading .

To make the perfect price for each loading they are using EPA . This is not the only reason. We are archiving every price data for Saraylım. On the long term they will get more information and more analytics about the price dynamics from their market.

You could watch the interview … It’s about Saraylım Agriculture and why they are using EPriceAnalysis ( EPA )


EPA – New Developments

EPA starts as a start-up idea. Our core engineering team lauched EPA in 6 months time. As EPA team are still working to improve the service from all aspects.

Due to make the right improvements we apply to one of the famous technology incubator & accelerator in Turkey called ODTU TEKNOKENT . As EPA our application accepted from ODTU TEKNOKENT. We are opening our Satellite office in ODTU TEKNOKENT in May 2017.

This development is important for EPA because with this new office . We could  easyly reach to business networks, educated human resources, tax advantages and more…

Close to this news we get another approval to our application from Republic of Turkey ( Ministry of Science , Industry and Technology ) 

This development is also important for EPA because we are looking it as an approval of our reputation and our Technology.

We are  very thankfull to our collegues, customers,partners,fans and also our competititors…


(Electronic) E Price Analysis is Important ?

In the past supply of the products are  low and most of the products could easyly find a customer. But nowadays product life cycle is low and finding a customer for a product could be hard. Customer Acquisition Cost ( CAC) of the companies increasing. Price is the one of the most important factor for the buying decision of the customer. (Electronic) E Price Analysis is the cheapest  way of analysing prices from the market.

How You Could Do E Price Analysis ? 

  1. Define your products
  2. Define your competitors ( E-commerce)
  3. Define the products links(points) from your competitors
  4.  Check this points regullarly get the data
  5. Visualise the data by using graphs
  6. Make your pricing accourding to the market dynamics and your pricing policy

This could be hard if you are doing this dailly or weekly to automate the process you could use EPA .You could check our service prices from here

What Are the Benefits of E Price Analysis ?

If your customer penetration good enough  imagine the posibilities bellow ;

  1. By decreasing prices by optimization accourding to market. You could easyly increase your turnover.
  2. Increacing the prices by optimization accourding to market. You could easyly increase your margins.
  3. E Price Analysis supports your pricing policy
  4. With reliable prices you could increase your customer penetration.
  5. It gives you oppotunity to make dynamic pricing.
  6. You could be more competitive

This list could be longer but these are main  benefits…