Dalyan Makina using EPA for their pricing policy

Dalyan Makina is a B2B retail focus on industrial market. They are using EPA (www.epriceanalysis.com)  in their retail and E-commerce ( markamakina ) for their pricing policy to become more competitive  . Volkan Dalyan is the Board Member & CFO of the company. Let’s have a look to their EPA experience. You could also check our about us page

EPA selected to GITR TURKEY powered by CYBERPARK

Get in the Ring (Turkey ) first time will be organize in Turkey and it’s powered by BILKENT CYBERPARK. EPA (epriceanalysis.com) selected to  GITR (Get in the Ring) Turkey

Get in the Ring (GITR) is one of the biggest startup competitions worldwide connecting startups to fans (investors, customers, talent, corporates, and more). Get in the Ring believes that startups need fans if they’re going to be successful. During the competition fans from all over the world follow their favorite startups in their journey to the International Final through the local, national or regional finals or online through the live webcasts of these finals.

In only three years’ time Get in the Ring grew from a local event to a global competition in 64 countries. The competition is a featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Through National and Regional Finals startups will be selected for the International Final.


Get in the Ring aims to challenge the status quo of pitching. The minds of the investors need to be triggered. For this reason, Get in the Ring changed the way people are pitching and has introduced a new unique pitching concept. Startups getting in the ring will battle it out, one on one, during five different rounds. Each round focuses on a relevant topic that all investors are interested in.

During the Investment Battle two startups will be pitching at the same time, called a battle. Every battle consists of five rounds and every round will focus on a different subject important for a business. Per round, entrepreneurs will have approximately 25 seconds to convince the champions, the jury, on each subject. After five rounds every participant will be asked questions by the jury (called the Champions). This will take 5 minutes per participant.

The rounds include:

  1. Team
  2. Achievements
  3. Business model & market
  4. Financials & investment proposition
  5. Freestyle

After the question round the Champions will choose which startup is the winner of the battle.  The winners of each battle will go through for the voting round of the audience award.

Epa is participating in ISIF inventions fair Istanbul

Within the 21st century, invention has a whole new meaning. It may be a process or product created by a large team to make huge leap in technology; or could be an addition or improvement to the existing technology/product which will create ease of life, bring solution to various problem or struggles.

An invention is usually defined as a unique device, product or process. The invention process is a process within an engineering and product development process and it is considered as an improvement upon a device/machine or product or a new process for creating an object or a result.
Currently, various government bodies, Ngo s or institutes support inventions, new ideas or set up exhibitions or contests and encourage participation.

Some of the major invention fairs can be specified as: Euroinvent European Fair of Creativity and Innovation Romania, INST Exhibition of inventions and technology exchange fair Taipei, Inventika Fair of Inventions Romania, Infoinvent International exhibition of inventions, new technologies products Moldova along with Genial Inventions Exhibition in and iENA International trade fair for inventions Germany, Inova Innovations fair in Croatia and ISIF’17 International Invention fair.
2nd Istanbul International Invention Fair – ISIF’17 will be held on 02-04 March 2017 in Istanbul, by the Honorary Patronage of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, under the patronage of International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA), hosted by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPE), organised by Anatolia Inventions and Inventors Association and supported by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and ISIF’17 Inventions fair – Istanbul.

The target group of ISIF’17 Inventions fair – Istanbul contains International and national individual inventors, centers, manufacturers and commercial companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, patent offices, private or state-sponsored research institutes, technology development zones, technology transfer offices, universities as well as institutions and organizations related to angel investors, capital groups, innovation promoters, relevant government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

EPA team will be a proud participant of the fair, promoting the “E price analysis” product along with other products.
We hope to see you in Istanbul 2-4 march 2017.

Price analysis is the solution for competition !

Prices shouldn’t be used as the main tool in maintaining competitiveness. It is unwise to adjust them as a reaction to the changes in the market. Quality alone is no longer enough as a selling point. Even if you add excellent customer service to it, customers won’t hesitate in going to another supplier if they offer better prices.
That’s why pricing analysis software will be a great option, especially for high volume inventory and sales. It is very important to know how to adjust your prices. You need to know the right time and levels for your adjustments.

The following are the major ways through which pricing analysis software is changing retail business.

brain storm and price analysis

Analysis and Adjustments

You need to know how your competitors are pricing their products to set competitive prices. Without pricing analysis software, doing price research would mean going from one site to another to view prices and collecting manually. This is a tedious process. It is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive.
Price analysis software can provide the needed guidance in setting the right pricing based on rules the retailer set up, such as upper and lower limits and even profit margins in some cases. The goal is to keep prices competitive. Once you have all the price details you need, it shouldn’t be difficult deciding on prices that allow you to be competitive while ensuring profitability.
Price adjustments are not only about price reductions. Price increases can also be implemented for certain items that may have been priced way lower than the usual prices. They should be implemented in ways that make them less noticeable. But price reductions should be implemented to create the best impact on customer attention. Remember how easy it is to find price information online. Also, your competitors are also tracking your price adjustments so they can make adjustments to make their prices look better. A couple of years ago, it has already become a practice for online retailers to change prices almost hourly. There are reasons for this and these reasons are bound by the idea of timing. Unlike in the case of bulk purchases timing significantly matters in retail price adjustments. This is because retail buyers generally don’t negotiate prices. The assumption is that what they see on the tags are what they get.

Providing Useful Data for Price Optimization

The prices set by your competitor provides the advantage of being able to play the price war game. As long as you don’t sacrifice profitability, you can try to match what your competitors are offering.
In some cases, the prices offered by competitors can help you decide to look for new suppliers for the products you are retailing. If some retailers are able to offer significantly lower prices, you might want to investigate where they are getting their products. They might be sourcing their items from a supplier that can offer really low prices. And you might want to find that supplier or explore the possibility of a better one.
Using a pricing analysis software greatly enhances retail pricing strategies. The actual price details compiled by the software serve as the basis in adopting strategies, discount, psychological and prestige pricing.
Finally, there’s no doubt that price adjustment software is indeed helpful in making the right pricing decisions. You just have to make sure that the software you are using is reliable. Try to check the company data online, the owners , staff and even check in Linked in such as EPA, e price analysis to see their trustworthiness. A price monitoring may be the best retailers need for an ever-growing and evolving online and offline retail world.


Sales people and their qualities. Are they a talent?

We are in an industry where we rely on sales people and their qualities. In USA , nearly 12.3% of all the jobs in the U.S. are full time sales positions. Over one trillion usd is spent annually on sales forces. 18,682 sales posts were advertised on Adzuna* last month in UK. Sales is the 10th most sought after job in Britain. An exclusive study reveals, the salesperson in a B2B environment, is the most important factor influencing prospect decisions. This happens to be the case on both sides of the ocean.

20% of the sales force delivers 80% of the revenue in many companies. This means hiring talented sales people is basically a random event.
If you happen to have one, top sales producers outperform average producers; by 2:1, and low producers by 10:1.
Caliper Corp** reports that 55% of the people making their living in sales should be doing something else. A UK based report states that, 60 per cent of UK sales people not happy in their jobs.

Qualities of a sales person:
Sales is a talent-based profession and the sales training will improve the performance of an individual on average by 20%.
By replacing your bottom 20% of salespeople with only average performers, you would improve sales productivity by nearly 20%.
Over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams. Right decisions in recruiting and creating real sales talents bring amazing outcomes.
We should also check the qualities of a good sales person. The best sales professionals do not focus purely on making a sale. They try to build long-term relationships. They not only know their own product inside out, they also know everything about their competitors.

sales people

* “Adzuna” is a search engine for job ads that lists every job, everywhere.
** Caliper Corporation is the Leading Provider of the Hiring Assessments for Professional Placement, Talent Management, and Leadership Development