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E-Price Analysis is for all your needs about the price !

E-Price Analysis is for all your needs about the price !

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Perfectly Fits Your Pricing Needs

E Price Analysis is Cloud Base SAAS. EPA users always knows the prices in their market. Price is the top 5 criteria about buying descision of the customers. Also price directly effects the profit of your company. You could be a E-commerce, Retailler or Manufacturer … You need data for perfect pricing ! We could help ! If our current solutions doesn’t fit your needs, don’t worry… We are able to develop tailor made web scraping solutions for your specific needs…


Our Dashboard perfectly desing to list,visulize,analyze your price data

Competitor Monitoring & Tracking

Our users could monitor their competitors by using our dashboard and e-mail reports.

Daily E-mail REPORTS

Our server sends daily e-mail report. You see the price changes alerts if you need more you could check the attacment. Special desing excel report waiting for you

Dynamic Pricing

We could entegrate our web API for your Dynamic pricing policy

Compare yourself accourding to competitors

You could compare your prices accourding to your competitors . To be come a continuesly competitive we could help for your dynamic pricing !


We have a special desgin web-api . Easy to use and helps you for automomius pricing needs


EPA Server archive your price data for your future needs

Time Series and AI

For long term customers +2 year subscribtion we are here to consult for your data with time series analysis and AI (Artifical Inteligent )

Taillor Made Solutions

Your company could need diffrent solutions rather than EPA’s current services… Just contact us ! With our know-how we are able to build and design something special for your needs… Such as web scrapper , semantic search engine.. etc.. Just Imagine ! and Let’s discuss !


Choose Your Plan For Your Size

Choose any of the following plans for your size. You could try for free ! Contact Us!

Free TRial

$ 0 /14 DAYS

Up to 5 Competitors
Dashboard Analysis
Daily E-mail Reports
Up to 100 Prices

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Small Business

$ 9 /mo- annual payment

Up to 10 Competitors
Dashboard Analysis
Daily E-mail Reports
Up to 500 Prices
E-mail support



$ 259 /mo- annual payment

Up to 100 Competitors
Dashboard Analysis
Daily E-mail Reports
Unlimited Prices
Web API Integration
Specail Design WEB APIs
Special Desing Reports
E-mail, Phone & Remote Connection support


Taillor Made Solutions

$ X

Our developer team
able to offer EPA’s
know-how for your
specific needs.
We could develop and
design taillor made
solutions for your specific
needs for price and data
scraping , storage , analysis
and reporting. We are also able
to build semantic search engine ,
cloud base AI solutions
for your continues data…

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HQ: Uctutlar Mah. 2. ilica sok. Aydin Apt. No:17/1 19030 CORUM

Satellite Office : Universiteler Mah. Ihsan Dogramaci Bulvari No:13 K-2 No:2 ODTÜ TEKNOKENT Çankaya / ANKARA

E: contact@epriceanalysis.com
P: +90 850 532 54 68

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