Why You Should Track Your Competitor Prices ?

Tracking competitor prices is could be the game changer in your competition… Because price direcly effects your ;

  1. Sales
  2. Margin
  3. Turnover
  4. Profit

Competitor price tracking and analysis is the one of the basic and natural element of the competition…

As a business you could be worry about competittion… But there are several positive effects of competition to your business…


Why Competition Is Good For Your Business ?

  1. This means your market already validated and there is a market for your products…
  2. Spend less time for market development and customer awerness
  3. Competition leads to innovation…If you are the only player in your market it can be difficult to imporve
  4. As one of several companies offering the same product …You are force to compete your customers
  5. Helps to understanding of your core market…Competition force you focus on core audiance
  6. Makes your company dynamic